Steamed Whiskey and Marmalade Pudding with Sauce Anglaise

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I was put in charge of dessert for Christmas dinner so I gathered a list of Christmasy sounding recipes and presented them to the family for an informal… Read More »



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A quick post about a WAY to make pizza, rather than a full on recipe (everyone has their favorite pizza dough recipe, OR a buck for a bag… Read More »


Hamburgers with Pork Belly and Tomato Jam

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Elaine was over and we were making burgers.  And that seemed pretty boring so obviously the only thing to do is to take some left over pork belly… Read More »


Slow Roasted Tomatoes

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There were a bunch of us together in beautiful midcoast Maine for a weekend back in July, and we took turns making meals. I had signed up to… Read More »

Squash and Tomatillo Soup

Squash and Tomatillo Soup with Nacho Garnish

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This soup (from one of the many Moosewood cookbooks) is DYNOMITE*.  Rich, a little sweet and creamy from the squash, bright flavor from the tomatillos, and warmly spicy… Read More »


Corn Chowder and Country Style Ribs

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One thing about CSA corn is that it is the most fabulous thing you’ve ever eaten on the day it is picked and deteriorates quickly after that. A… Read More »

Moroccan Spice Lamb Riblets

Moroccan Spice Lamb Riblets and Other Super Spiced Stuff

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I had lamb riblets from our CSA – and I asked myself, what the heck do I do with a lamb riblet?  It doesn’t even seem like a… Read More »



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Thursdays on the Loring Greenough house lawn, my neighborhood has its very own food trucks!!  There’s a cupcake truck, a BBQ truck (which I’m hoping to try tomorrow)… Read More »


Thai Red Curry

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This is so easy, it’s shocking. You just have to buy a couple of things you might not have in your pantry right now, but then you’ll have… Read More »

Tomato Toast

The Best Way to Eat Tomatoes for Breakfast

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Sorry for the blurry photo, I was just so excited to hurry up and eat it. Our dad has always grown tomatoes in his garden, every year whether… Read More »